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Morocco has become a popular destination for surfers because of its long coastline and consistently good waves, suitable for all levels of experience. There is an old custom of surfing in Morocco, where the first famous surfers traveled in the 1960s. And in recent years, Morocco has become increasingly popular with surfers from all over the world, drawn by the world-class waves, and the unique cultural experiences on offer. Surfing in Morocco offers all levels of waves for surfers even if you are inexperienced.

Surfing in Morocco

Surfing in Morocco

Morocco is located in North Africa, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Algeria to the east, and Mauritania to the south. The country is known for its world-class waves, and the best spots for surfing in Morocco can be found along the Atlantic coast, particularly in the area around Agadir.

Taghazout: it is a small fishing village located approximately 20 kilometers northwest of Agadir. It is known for its beautiful beaches, surfing breaks, and laid-back atmosphere. Taghazout has become a popular destination for surfers and travelers looking to escape the noise of the more developed tourist areas.

From Agadir: Taghazout Beach Surf Lesson with Transfer

Take a safe and fun surfing class with certified instructors. Learn or improve your skills with a theoretical and practical lesson and discover the best surfing spots within a few minutes of Agadir.

Tamraght: a small town located a little south of Taghazout, Tamraght is famous for its proximity to the famous Banana Point wave. The village is also home to a number of small shops, cafes and restaurants.

Learn to surf in Tamraght, with local surf instructor

Experience world-class Moroccan waves with a full day of surfing lessons in Tamraght. Great for surfers of any experience level.

Imsouane: is a small fishing village located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, approximately 40 kilometers northwest of the city of Agadir. Despite its growing popularity, Imsouane has managed to retain its small-town charm and very traditional way of life.

Dakhla: located in the far south of Morocco, Dakhla is off the beaten track and still not fully explored. Where the desert meets the Atlantic Ocean, there are over a dozen great surfing spots in a 100km radius, and you’ll mostly be surfing on your own.

Surf Lesson with local surfer in Essaouira Morocco

Experience the beauty of the Essaouira coast and learn new skills at the same time with a fun and beginner-friendly surfing lesson.

Safi: is a city located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, approximately 170 kilometers southwest of the capital, Rabat. It is also a well-known destination for Surfing in Morocco, as there are a number of world-class surf breaks in the area and it is also a great place to experience Moroccan culture and traditions.

Best time for Surfing in Morocco

Surfing in Morocco

The surfing season in Morocco varies depending on the location and the type of waves you are looking for. Generally speaking, the best time to surf in Morocco is from October to March, when the waves are the biggest and most consistent. During this time, Morocco’s Atlantic coast swells from both north and south.

During the low surf season from April to September, there are still plenty of waves for beginner and intermediate surfers looking to improve their skills!

Surf & Travel Camp – Surf Coaching day trip

Agadir’s beautiful beaches are the perfect place to learn to surf or hone your surfing skills, and this day-long surfing experience is suitable for all levels.

Favorite waves in Morocco

The Moroccan coast is famous for its long and powerful waves. When the waves combine with each other, the waves become amazing! Among the best favorite waves in Morocco:

Anchor Point: this is one of the most popular surfing spots in Morocco offering a variety of barrel sections, steep takeoffs, carving sections, and more! It holds big waves thanks to its sandy bottom and coral reefs.

Killers Point: this is one of the best breaking points in Morocco and one of the most consistent in the Taghazout region. This wave is about 300 meters long, and has a lot to offer from speed sections, bowl sections, and barrels.

Banana Point: a long resting point on the right side located near the village of Aourir, it is called Banana Village because of the many banana plantations planted in the river bed facing it.

Boilers: a point on the right side that breaks at the site of a sunken shipwreck. This area is shallow with strong currents, making it one of the best surfing spots in Morocco for advanced surfers.

Devil’s Rock: a perfect break for all levels, Devil’s Rock is one of my favorites to teach, as it offers a variety of waves and has a sandy bottom and the occasional rock.

Imsouane The Bay: this is one of the most famous surfing spots in the city, reaching 600 metres. It is considered one of the longest waves in Africa, and it has a sandy bottom which makes it a suitable choice for beginners!

Tamri: it is located in the north of Taghazout and is famous for its long, pure waves and is suitable for all surfers. When little waves are everywhere, this puffy magnet spot always provides a little fun.

Paradise Plage

Surfing in Morocco

It is a five-star eco-resort located a few kilometers north of Taghazout, on the wonderful beach of Imi Ouaddar. This tropical oasis nestled between the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean is especially intended for surfing holidays. From couples to families and groups of friends to solo travelers, this hotel offers the best experience for those looking for a surfing getaway. The resort combines surfing, yoga, and traditional Moroccan spa, providing a truly unique body experience.

Paradise Valley And Taghazout Private Day Trip

Drive north to the village of Bananas and then take the road to honey and the High Atlas Mountains. Stop for light refreshments by the river.

Surfing guide from Agadir to Essaouira

Surfing in Morocco

Along the coast you will find surfing spots for all levels. Waves break over sand and stone and are often a combination of the two. Morocco is known for its many point breaks where the waves break to the right. To guide you, we will introduce you to the most popular ones:

Anza: suitable for all beginners and advanced surfers. Anza is primarily known for its incessant waves. Even with the slightest swell, and when there is a turn north towards Taghazout, there is already flat for a long time. The coastal town of Anza is becoming more and more a surfing destination with small cafes, shops, surf schools and camps!

From Agadir: Surf Lesson Day Trip

Discover your surfing passion in the best surfing spot of the day. The instructors will teach you how to ride your first wave to happiness. Surfing lessons, surfing equipment and lunch package are included.

11 km and 12 km: these two surfing spots are named after the number of kilometers from Agadir to the north. Kilometer 11 produces steep left waves, which is an absolute exception for Morocco as almost all waves on the coast travel to the right. Beginners should stop at kilometer 12. Here you will find an A frame wave (the wave breaks left and right) which is not as strong as kilometer 11.

Mysteries – north of Taghazout: the first surfing spot north of Taghazout. The breaking point breaks over a shallow reef and should only be surfed by advanced and experienced surfers at medium water or high water.

La Source – north of Taghazout: nice A frame (wave running in both directions) for all levels. The wave mostly runs over the sand and at any water level. It is easy to find because there is a large apartment complex right on the site.

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