Hiking in Morocco Atlas Mountains – Toubkal, Berber villages, M’goun

Morocco is a country of endless peaks and trails, where you will find the highest peaks in this country located in North Africa, dominated by the Atlas mountain range in the north and the desert in the south. The Atlas Mountains stretch across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, and stretch for more than 1,200 miles (2,000 km). The stunning green and white fringe rises to form the backdrop for this area. I promise you will witness the most amazing scenery in the world in these mountains, which makes the challenges of hiking in morocco atlas mountains more than worth it.

Best 6 Hiking spots in Morocco Atlas Mountains

1- Mount Toubkal

hiking in morocco atlas mountains

The real fantasy here is Mount Toubkal, also known as Jebel Toubkal. The first Walking tour groups came here in 1937, starting in the village of Imlil for the first time. This village is the main starting point for hiking and is known as “Little Chamonix of the Atlas Mountains”. The real aiming point is the 13,665-foot (4,167-meter) Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa, surrounded by high, snow-capped peaks. The Toubkal excursion is the closest point to Marrakech and is the most interesting place to visit in the region. This starting point is about 40 miles (65 km) from the main city of Marrakech.

It will take you two days to climb Mount Toubkal, and you will see the most amazing scenery when you reach the top. The summit is the central attraction of Toubkal Park, and is a year-round destination thanks to its winter skiing and summer hiking. A full day of hiking on this Atlas Mountain trek takes about 10 to 12 hours of walking. This trek is not suitable for first-time hikers.

Mount Toubkal Treks 2 Days from Marrakech

Discover the beauty of the Atlas Mountains, visit Berber villages and enjoy local hospitality, climb the highest peak in Morocco and North Africa.

From Marrakesh: 2-Day Mount Toubkal Trek

Visit North Africa and climb Toubkal, the highest peak in the region. Along the way, you will see the village of Imlil.
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2- Little Chamonix

hiking in morocco atlas mountains

Imlil is located at the base of the highest mountain peak in North Africa, at the base of Jebel Toubkal. The village of Imlil is known by its other name, “Little Chamonix”, thanks to the French visitors since time immemorial. It’s a lot like Chamonix outdoors, so you can go skiing, climbing, and even hiking in it. As part of an Atlas Mountains excursion, Imlil has become the heart of mountain tourism in Morocco, with many visitors picking up guides to lead them into the mountains.

3- Berber Villages

hiking in morocco atlas mountains

The indigenous Berbers of Toubkal National Park have lived in this very area for centuries. There are many Berber tribes throughout the High Atlas mountain range. In each village, a group of 5 to 100 families survive on farming and animal husbandry. It is also common to encounter villages without electricity, which causes local families to wash clothes in nearby streams and drink water collected from wells. You will enjoy experiencing traditional customs and learning about life here in the Atlas Mountains.

We stay in Berber villages as guests to dine at local guesthouses known as gites. They often have balconies that feature amazing views of the valley. Most of the houses consist of simple buildings of stone, and the villages consist of narrow, winding streets. During our travels, guests will visit Berber homes to have some drinks and tell us about the culture they have.

This Berber Villages Tour takes five days in the Atlas Mountains. Where you will visit several villages and see a group of amazing valleys in the region.

Toubkal & Berber Villages Trek

The route takes you through colorful Berber villages, through gentle mountain passes and slowly ascends to our highest point at 4,167m at the summit of Jebel Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa.

Marrakech: 3-Day Atlas Mountains Berber Villages Trek

Discover charming traditional Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains on this 3-day trip with transfer from Marrakech.

4- Three Valleys Trek

hiking in morocco atlas mountains

When making a trek in the Three Valleys, you will start in Wadi Imnan and end in Wadi Ait Mizan. As you head through the amazing Azzaden Valley full of color and life, you will also reach the Tazaghart Plateau, one of the most famous landmarks in the Atlas Mountains. The plateau is known for its stunning waterfalls. This region is also famous for the beauty of apple, cherry and walnut trees. These areas are explored on a three-day hiking in Morocco atlas mountains.

Marrakech: 2-Day Atlas Mountains Trek with Village Stay

Visit a selection of mountain villages, meet the locals and learn about their traditions, and enjoy the stunning scenery from start to finish.

5- The Circle of Toubkal

hiking in morocco atlas mountains

The tour starts in Imlil and follows a circular path to finish where you started in Imlil. This route takes you through the Atlas Mountains three days. This road will offer views of the desert and plenty of sights along the way. Before returning to the starting point, you will travel through the beautiful Azzaden Valley, Azzaden River, Tamsoult Waterfall, Aguelzim Pass and of course ascend Mount Toubkal.

6- M’Goun

hiking in morocco atlas mountains

Located in the middle of the High Atlas, it is one of the best treks in the Atlas Mountains. The highlights of this area are the stunning gorges, with deeply carved orange and red walls that are a joy to walk and wade through. It is one of the unique mountain ranges with an altitude of more than 4,000 meters in Morocco. Unlike other mountains the climb is easy, which makes it a fun hike. Its height is 4071 meters. The mountain offers amazing landscapes, as well as a variety of sites to visit, especially during the months of April and October.

Mgoun Trek-6 Days

Tour Wadi Majoun with a professional guide by booking this 6 days 5 nights adventure. You will visit Berber villages and beautiful natural areas with a mixture of easy walks and hikes.

Tips before visiting the high Atlas Mountains

Before going on the best trek to the Atlas Mountains, here are a few things you need to keep in mind when hiking in morocco atlas mountains:

Why hike Morocco with a local guide On excursions in Morocco?

We prefer local guides to offer an authentic tour of the Atlas Mountains. It includes city guides, mountain guides, and guides who can also take travelers off-ski. We do a lot of trekking in the Atlas Mountains in the Sahara as well.

How long does it take to climb Mount Toubkal?

The difficulty level is designed to accommodate everyone, if you want a challenge, there are many difficulties with slightly longer hikes up in the mountains, as everything is customizable. The full day excursion starts at 9 am and continues until 6 pm, when returning to the city. In winter, the days are much shorter, so you’ll be back in Marrakech around 5 p.m. before sunset.

What is the Atlas Mountains Tour?

Hiking tours of the Atlas Mountains span anywhere from 1 day to 16 days. Every day we walk at least five to seven hours depending on the fitness level of the visitors. We will then stay in the local visitors’ houses owned by Berber families. We also camp outdoors at night near the villages during the summer. In winter, for most hiking trips, travelers will stay in villages because of the cold and wind.

We do our best to accommodate a range of different schedules. For example, some travelers prefer to take one to three days to see many places in Morocco. Other guests choose to do a maximum of four days. Many of our visitors fall short on time for excursions in Morocco with the Toubkal excursion as a priority. They often decide to spend a short time in each place to try to cover the whole country. Visitors to Marrakesh begin with a three- or four-day hike in the mountains. The maximum is usually four days.

One day trip from Marrakech to the weekly souks

The trip starts in Marrakech and returns to the city at night. Starting at 9 am we walk around the valley where there are beautiful views of the weekly markets. Especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays, when people from all over the Atlas Mountains region gather to buy and sell animals, crops, and other goods. You will see traditional foods that are grown and animals that can be purchased. Other stops along the way are handicrafts for sale and display run by local women. It’s a great way to get in touch with the local Moroccan culture.

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